We are currently investigating one of the biggest Police operations in history, Operation Ore. Within this site, are many facts that the media and the general public have been denied. We at OBU have uncovered so much damning evidence, we have declared this as the largest miscarriage of justice in the UK this century. In view of the money involved and the death and destruction it wreaked, it is arguably the crime of the century. That is not something that will stand the test of time and various bodies and people have worked on the issues independently and collectively.


Operation Ore was based on flawed evidence from the start
Britain’s biggest ever computer crime investigation, Operation Ore, was flawed by a catalogue of “discrepancies, errors and uncertainties”, disclosed reports of two national police conferences.
07 Apr 2011
Operation Ore finally collapses
On April 1 2011, a British High Court judge ruled that Detective Con Brian Hopkins had ‘no honest belief’ that Mr Clifford had downloaded indecent images of children, and brought charges ‘to protect his own position’.
07 Apr 2011
Operation Ore Appeal
Today is the day, our legal team embarks on a journey that has taken years to achieve. Regardless of what obstacles that where thrown in our way, the suffering many members had under gone, we won't be stopped...

The message started yesterday at 10pm on ITV's NEWS AT 10

The Telegraph Police had 'serious doubts' about database evidence
The Guardian Case could clear names of hundreds of men accused of child pornography


Last week the formal 2 day appeal took place, this week our legal team have had further exchanges with the court after which a date for the judgment should be known.

11 Nov 2010
Colin Port backs down. Jim Bates replies to his courthouse steps speech.
However, after the climb down, on the steps of the courthouse, he once again appealed to the gallery and some media as expected reported him.

Jim Bates now replies to that courthouse steps speech.
17 Jun 2009

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